TCM and herbal medicine
ChemPattern™ system solutions for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and herbal medicine industry
Solutions for product quality control
  1. Quality control and process monitoring for herbs, decoction pieces and Chinese patent medicine
  2. Medicine authenticity identification and safety screening
  3. Fingerprinting quality standards for TCM injections
  4. Evaluative sampling of national essential medicine
  5. Analysis of pesticide residue and heavy metal
  6. Establishment of fingerprinting quality standards for famous Chinese patent medicine
Solutions for new medicine development and material foundation study
  1. Research on medicinal plant resources and identification of species origin
  2. Study on metabonomics of medicinal plants
  3. Efficiency evaluation of TCM and fingerprint-efficacy study
  4. Study on pharmacokinetics and metabonomics of TCM
  5. New medicine development and safety inspection
PLS-DA analysis of Epimedium brevicornum, E. sagittatum, E. pubescens, E. koreanum that carried by Chinese Pharmacopoeia Volume I
ChemPattern™ chromatographic fingerprint analysis of processing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine Paeoniae Radix Alba
Chemometrics analysis of related substances in TCM scutellarin injection of 60 batches of samples from 5 different manufacturers

Solution for product quality control

ChemPattern™ has unique cross-platform instrumental analysis of complex system, and is integrated with chemometric and chemical fingerprintology analysis technologies including multivariate statistical analysis, multivariate calibration, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. With these features, ChemPattern™ provides a technology support platform for analysis and inspection tasks, including medicine authenticity identification, analysis of pesticide residue and heavy metal, medicine safety inspection, risk assessment, and evaluative sampling of national essential medicines. This platform is widely applicable for rapid screening and analysis of complex samples in testing laboratories with various scales owned by the quality inspection departments of pharmaceutical companies and food and drug inspection institutions. Moreover, it is also suitable for specialized research institutes or laboratories to explore quality standards for TCM and preparations.

ChemPattern™ provides various chromatographic, spectroscopic and MS analysis methods which are originated from chmeometrics and chemical fingerprintingology. These methods are broadly applicable for quality control and production online monitoring for herbs, decoction piece, dispensing granule, extract, raw material, intermediate product, Chinese patent medicine and so on. Quality control technology of complex analysis system in ChemPattern™ is used for overall and in-depth analysis of product quality in the entire production chain of TCM from raw materials to end-products, including medicine planting, harvest, processing, extraction and preparation. On the basis of current standards of pharmacopoeia and enterprise standards, it further improves quality control of production process and end-products in pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, ChemPattern™ promotes significantly in the aspects of perfecting production process, motivating intensive production, reinforcing monitoring and management as well as improving product quality.

Additionally, based on chemometrics and chemical fingerprinting technology of complex system, fingerprintology quality standards of Chinese patent medicine including TCM injections are established. These standards could help promote brands of famous, special and high-quality Chinese patent medicine and reflect companies’ product quality and overall strength.

Solution for new medicine development and material foundation study

In the field of new medicine development and material foundation study, with the help of data analysis platform specially designed for big data analysis and visualization in analytical chemistry, the chemometirc analysis of ChemPattern™ fully utilizes all valid information carried by high-dimensional data from analytical instruments and conducts in-depth data mining upon the samples from multiple perspectives. In such a way, the solution can obtain various information about the complex Chinese medicine and preparation system, which cannot be acquired by conventional data analysis methods. Its specific applications can be subdivided into the following aspects:

  • Regarding the researches on chemistry of Chinese material medical, pharmacology and fingerprintology, ChemPattern™ provides multicomponent quantitative determination by chromatography and spectroscopy based on external standard method with additional calibration factor and partial least squares regression (multivariate calibration). These calculation methods are effectively used for quantitative analysis in various complex systems which include the process from raw material to compound preparation of Chinese medicine, thus providing comprehensive and perfect data analysis tool for fingerprint-efficacy analysis embracing researches on compound’s complex activity and function in Chinese medicine pharmacology and potency study.
  • Regarding research on medicinal plant resource, ChemPattern™ supports chemical fingerprinting analysis and corresponding chemical pattern recognition. This method can be applied to the identification of species origin, photochemistry taxonomy and plant secondary product metabolomics analysis and so on.
  • Regarding metabolomics study on medicinal plants and TCM, ChemPattern™ offers a unique non-linear analysis system which supports data processing and analysis process whose core is liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). This process includes MS deconvolution, molecular feature alignment, data preprocessing and common pattern modeling. Therefore, ChemPattern™ successfully provides cutting-edge one-stop solutions for difference screening of compound, multicomponent correlation analysis, metabolic pathway and system analysis and other metabonomic studies.

ChemPattern™ - the advanced chemometrics and chemical
fingerprintology solution

ChemPattern™ advanced chemometrics and chemical fingerprintology software solution endeavors to provide one-stop solutions for the high-throughput high-content analysis of complex systems, production in-process control, qualitative and quantitative quality evaluation and characteristic analysis, as well as various informatics, omics researches and big data mining tasks.

ChemPattern™ can be widely applied to traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine, chemical drugs, biologics, clinical medicine, food, agricultural products, tobacco, flavors and fragrances, petrochemicals, inspection and quarantine, environmental and forensic assessment, and other branch fields of analytical chemistry.