ChemPattern™Ultimate Edition User interface of new solution creation (1/21) Interface of solution preview and database management (2/21) Sample profile overlap and peak retention time alignment interface (3/21) Sample mirror profile and common pattern matching results interface (4/21) Interface of chromatographic fingerprint common pattern generation  (5/21) Chemical reference definition interface of multi-component quantitative determination (6/21) Regression curves of external standard with calibration factor of multi-component quantitative determination (7/21) TLC track positioning and digital scanning user interface (8/21) User Interface of 3D TLC image reconstruction  (9/21) ESI-MS sample TIC deconvolution results (partial) (10/21) Mass map and data analysis of ESI-MS sample TIC deconvolution results (11/21) Molecular feature match interface of ESI-MS sample TIC deconvolution (12/21) 1H-NMR segmented integration and components attribution interface (13/21) Chemometrics analysis of Two-way hierarchical clustering (14/21) Chemometrics analysis of Principal component analysis with loading and score result (15/21) Chemometrics summary view of Partial least squares discriminant analysis (16/21) Chemometrics analysis of Self-organizing map clustering result (17/21) Chemical pattern recognition summary view of support vector machine (18/21) User login interface accords with LIMS/21 CFR part11  (19/21) Users report preview and custom report settings dialog (20/21) Data figure snapshots and graph editor interface (21/21)
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Introduction to Data Management Solutions
LIMS/21 CFR part11 User login interface
Interface of solution preview and database management
Data figure snapshots and graph editor interface
Users report preview and custom report settings dialog

ChemProfiles™ analytical instrument data management system

  • Chromatography, mass spectrometry and spectroscopy etc. massive analytical chemistry data management, storage and query
  • Comply with the laboratory information management system (LIMS) requirements
  • Comply with the electronic data and electronic signatures act (FDA 21 CFR part 11) requirements
  • User account and access control, document electronic signature, data entirety validation, and log function
  • Multi-thread working pipeline, support sample setting, editing and analysis in batch manner
  • Analysis report support for custom content and format, WYSIWYG print preview

Non-linear editing system

  • Synchronous update of analysis result, real-time feedback of parameters modification in any data analysis procedure
  • support dynamic HTML output of analysis result and interactive figure display, and snapshot function

Big data visualization

  • high-quality rendering of various instrumental data types and statistical charts
  • 2D/3D chromatogram and mass spectrum display, including overlapping, mirror, boolean, derivation, and truncate etc.
  • Statistical charts include 2D/3D scatter plot, dendrogram, histogram, contour plots, etc., more than ten kinds of

Data static snapshots

  • Provides , support chart layout modification & publication-quality vector graphic editor
  • Maximum 4x4 snapshot layout display, support snapshot I/O and post-processing
  • All graphs and data tables can be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint in custom format
  • Raw sample data interface support export raw data to any third-part software for reuse

Multiple language support and database

  • User interface, analysis result and report support languages dynamic switch i.e. English/Chinese
  • Support self-define solution database, provide data encryption, categorization and query

Software Support Information

  • 300 pages color-printing user manual, installation manual and chemometrics white paper
  • Different types of instrumental and analytical chemistry chemometrics solution examples available in demo database
  • Software can be run on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating system, one year of free upgrade